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PARKING: URGENT – Please do not park or wait longer than 60 seconds along the front of the building. If you can drop your student off or pick them up in less than a minute, you are free to do so. Otherwise, please park in a designated parking space. The line-up of cars causes a safety hazard for our kiddos. We appreciate your courtesy as you think of others before yourselves.

PARENTS please do not enter the gym at any time during classes. It is a distraction to the students and the coaches. If you need to retrieve your child early from class, please go to the office and the staff member there will get them for you.

COMPLAINTS/COMMENTS All of us here at CRS Gym welcome your input and appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns in person. Be aware, though, that any anonymous letters will not be addressed. Please have the courtesy to sign your letter so we may call you and discuss any issues. Also, it is important that you bring issues up at the time they occur. If too much time passes, the issue cannot be addressed appropriately.

REFERRALS: Anyone you refer to our school that enrolls will give you a $25 credit on your account to be used on tuition or toward anything in our pro shop.

USED APPAREL: Don’t forget to turn in your used leos etc. to the gym office. We will price them, and once we sell them, we’ll give you half the sale price as a credit on your account.

SNOW DAYS: If CRS Gym classes are canceled for inclement weather, we will announce it on our answering machine and in an e-mail blast. If you call the gym and you get the normal telephone message, classes are in session

Updated 7/5/17